06 January 2012

Gender Roles are Real. . . Unimportant

Okay, so this is the article that set this off.  It says men and women are different.  I mean, personality-wise.  Whee.

As Fark.com's WinoRhino aptly noted, it doesn't spark any outrage by itself because it doesn't say anything controversial. Everyone agrees with the fact that men and women are different. Okay (and for the record, here's where my opinion takes over), there are people who disagree, but they're increasingly marginalized these days. I personally don't have a dog in that particular fight because the debate's usually pointless; the people who care most only want evidence to prove which gender is superior (either humorously or seriously) and I don't give a damn.  And, neither does the article.  It just says we're different, in ways we knew all along.  The usual exceptions apply.

And there's the rub, and where I'm really getting at with this post.  I know how men are and how women are, and they suck.  I don't mean men and women per se, I mean men who carry dick-waving "man cards" and women who think the sole reason for their existence is to have babbies.  They make me sick, disgusted, bored, angry. . . depending on whatever frivolous, ignorant or obnoxious behavior they exhibit, they can bring about just about any negative emotion out of me, to raging extremes.  And it's not just me being a tight ass.  They piss off everyone, even each other and themselves.  You know it; odds are you know one.

I mentioned there were exceptions. I LIKE the exceptions. I prefer them. I've always gravitated toward sensitive guys and laid-back sexual outcasts* and geeky girls because they're less "gender". Don't get me wrong, I don't necessarily want everyone to be asexual -- I mean, to each one's own, but I'd personally find life boring without libido -- but I've found that the more gender shapes one's personality, the stupider that person is. No exception to this rule comes to mind, at all. If you think gender roles exist, fine -- you're sane.  If you happen to conform to them, by chance or by choice, whatever. If you think they're important though (manly men and womanly women, but this goes for the people try to deny there's a difference as well); there's almost a 100% certainty you're an idiot.

"MAN" is the idiot who commutes through the suburbs in a monster pickup with truck nuts and American flags despite not being able to afford the gas, raging at everyone around him. "WOMAN" is the biatchy drama queen who thinks a boyfriend who didn't get up at 3 AM after working a 20-hour shift to get her ice cream is the worst thing to ever happen to her life. "MAN" is the tragically retarded derphead who counts how many (womanly) women he's slept with like it's a score in the game of life, treats everything like a competition and votes for "tough on crime"/"bomb brown people"/"guns & God" because it's MANLY to do so**, even if it's clear the candidate is out to fuck everything else up -- and fucks us all over in the process -- and doesn't care. "WOMAN" is the backstabbing whore who puts the guy who genuinely cares about her on the "friends" list -- or, worse yet, marries him for the money & security -- while fucking unemployed band members (manly men), then has the gall to weep about how it's all her husband's fault for not giving her enough attention.  "MAN" and "WOMAN" are the embarrassingly stupid idiots screeching at each other on daytime TV, on Facebook and everywhere else, all yelling and no communicating, all blame and no understanding, determined to win the who-can-exploit-the-other-more contest.  You've seen it, right?  Doesn't it make you embarrassed for humanity?  I'm not saying this to anyone in particular, but I can't say this loud enough:  MAN, WOMAN, you are basically just hairless apes.  Animals.  Animals masquerading as humans, holding humanity back with your thought-free derp, mindless humping, and inexcuseable ignorance of just how pointless and miserable your existence is.  Having emotions is fine -- it's part of being human.  Embracing your gender is fine; there's nothing inherently bad about what you are. But people were not meant to be this mindless!  I don't want to believe it, especially because people are blessed with the ability to cast off the shackles of pointless, predictable apeishness and be civilized.  It's just a matter of whether you do it or not.

People can be smart, but only if they're people, not glorified animals.  Individuals who think with their brains make the most interesting, empathic and stable people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.  They often don't agree, but they all have thoughts and imaginations and interests and dreams and all the other things that make life interesting.  They also act like men and women, but they're not defined by it.  "MAN" and "WOMAN" suck; they're emotional, irrational, superficial and destructive retards competing for smelliest turd in the septic tank.

*Not the creepy illegal kind, I mean LGBT.  If they don't make a big issue about who they are, and to be fair that can depend on to what extent they can escape torment by derpy social pressures, they are some of the most awesome people I know.  I don't like the term "sexual outcast" but in this crazy world they often are, and I specifically wanted to avoid using "LGBT" right there because the social irrelevance of gender roles is precisely the point.  I mean, I'm hoping we can one day eliminate that damn acronym because we accept people for what they are.
**Let me be clear here.  I know and respect people who take crime seriously, like guns, love God, etc. etc. -- note I make no exception for the bigotry, but I digress.  My point is that "manly" men vote a certain way because they think their gender makes it an obligation, and when they do they overwhelmingly vote this way.  And it's stupid.  And it plays right into corrupt politicians' hands.