26 August 2014

"Reality" TV

What baffles me about reality shows isn't the inanity of the content, the stupidity of the viewers or the blatant deception by the producers.  That's all human nature -- a shameful slice of it, to be sure, but nothing we haven't seen before.  Rather, it's that they take so much effort to control what's supposedly an unscripted format.  The main benefit of reality shows is that they don't require actors or writing.  It's the bare bones of TV programming, with the absolute lowest of start-up costs -- a premise, a set, some dumb volunteers, a video editor and you're good to go.  So when you truck in an army of writers, supervisors, directors and other staff to control the footage until you get exactly the sort of show you want, you're completely defeating the purpose of "reality" TV's corner-cutting.

I've never been a fan of "reality" TV, but its present format resembles a turd that someone spent countless hours meticulously adjusting and adding chemicals and painting and hiring professionals to tweak & prod so that it looks and smells exactly like a turd.  Um, those things aren't hard to make yo; if you're willing to wait a little while I can just get a fresh one for ya.